We Don’t Take Cases, We Take Clients.
And We Fight for Their Freedom.

We’re available nights and weekends to provide information regarding the parole process.

Texas Parole Expertise

Everyone wants to be released early on parole, but few understand the process and what it takes to succeed. That’s where Cox Law Firm comes in.

We’re Texas parole attorneys who know the process and what the Texas Parole Board considers when it votes.

At Cox Law Firm, we don’t take cases, we take clients. That means we get to know our clients and their loved ones well.

Truly getting to know clients and their families allows us to build compelling parole plans that go beyond the mandatory factors. We explain why our clients will successfully reintegrate into society and deserve the privilege of parole.

Get Help Immediately

Our parole team is standing by, ready to answer your phone call or email.

Achieve Early Release

Your loved one deserves a chance for freedom. That’s why we fight for you.

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Hire Texas parole attorneys with a proven history of approval success.

“I don’t know what I would have done without your help. So thankful!”

“The team at Cox Law is so helpful. I can’t thank them enough.”

How We Help

Reviewing and evaluating your case and sentence

Obtaining and assessing your criminal history

Communicating our progress with friends and family

Assisting you to develop a personal evaluation statement

Coordinating and securing support letters for the parolee

Ascertaining employment opportunities

Obtaining copies of TDCJ certificates, education and programs attended

Preparing and submitting a written parole package to the Parole Board

Contacting and communicating with Parole Board members

Arguing for immediate release

Tracking release process when parole is granted

Fighting for what’s best for the parolee, now and into the future

Parole Solutions

Our goal is to reunite families with their loved ones as soon as possible.

Sound Counsel

Excellent Service

At Cox Law Firm, we fight to get your loved one paroled and out of prison early. Our experienced Texas parole attorneys help our clients achieve that goal, as well as eliminate the uncertainty and anxiety that families and loved ones have during the parole review process.

Find out how we can help. Call us now.

The parole team at Cox Law Firm has the experience and knowledge to guide you through the parole process from start to finish.

We provide sound counsel and excellent service, communicating with our clients, as well as their families and loved ones so they understand the parole process, the chances for parole, and how to create a successful parole plan.

When you hire Cox Law Firm, you get more than knowledgeable Texas parole attorneys to guide you through the process. You get true advocates that fight for your loved one’s freedom.

Texas Parole Expertise


Cox Law Firm has years of experience representing clients before the Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles. We are committed to presenting the strongest and most compelling case for our clients’ release on parole.


We are committed to presenting the strongest and most compelling case for an inmate’s release on parole.


Cox Law Firm is committed to aggressively defending our clients’ right to remain free.


The Cox Law Firm is available to represent clients in cases involving prison time credit.


We also represent clients in cases involving prison administrative issues.

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