Board Considerations During a Parole Hearing

What does the Parole Board look at during a parole hearing?

The parole board vote can seem like a complicated code to crack. However, the first thing to understand is the complete discretion that parole panels have in making their decision during a parole hearing. Having an experienced parole lawyer from The Cox Law Firm can make a difference in this discretionary process. We typically present our parole plans to the lead voter by phone. We also attend parole hearings to speak on their behalf with family members.

The Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles has adopted guidelines to help parole panels select possible candidates for release. Further, these guidelines include a risk assessment instrument and an offense severity scale. The parole board considers other criteria as well.

Risk Assessment Instrument

The risk assessment instrument includes static and dynamic factors.

            A.        Static Factors

The five (5) static factors do not change.  They are:

  • age at first admission to a juvenile or adult correctional facility;
  • history of supervisory release revocations for felony offenses;
  • prior incarcerations;
  • employment history; and
  • the commitment offense.

Our parole attorneys evaluate these static factors for each client. Additionally, we address circumstances and conditions that cause or contribute to these factors. Then, we present them accurately and in the light most favorable to our clients during the parole hearing. Call us now to find out how we can help your loved one have a great parole hearing.

            B.        Dynamic Factors

The five (5) dynamic factors change and allow our clients to impact the parole panel’s decision.  They are:

  • current age;
  • gang membership;
  • educational, vocational, and on-the-job programs completed;
  • prison disciplinary conduct; and
  • current custody level.

Separate risk scales exist for male and female offenders.

Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles Male/Female Risk Scales

Following the rules, not getting in trouble, working, and taking classes are things we encourage our clients to do.  Consequently, these actions show respect for the rules, a commitment to change, and their prospects of success on parole.

We talk to our clients about how to improve their chances of earning parole. Further, our parole plans highlight their accomplishments and choices. Call now to discuss your family member’s parole eligibility. You can talk to an experienced parole attorney about improving your family member’s chances at their parole hearing.

Offense Severity Scale

The parole board has ranked the severity of every felony offense. The scale ranges from low for non-violent crimes such as credit card abuse to highest for capital murder. Following, if someone is serving time for more than one crime, the most serious active crime controls.  The severity level of every felony offense is on the established list.  Again, specifics, circumstances, and conditions relating to the crime can make a difference.  Call one of our parole attorneys to learn how we can help your loved one earn the privilege of parole.

The Parole Guidelines Score merges the Risk Assessment Instrument and the Offense Severity Scale into the matrix below.  Parole Guidelines Scores range from a low of one up to seven. 

Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles Parole Guidelines Score Table

Remember, the parole process has no guarantees. Parole board members retain the discretion to vote outside the guidelines. They can vote contrary to the score when the circumstances of individual cases merit. This is why hiring a Cox Law Firm parole lawyer can make a difference for your loved one.

How Family Members Can Help

  • Learn the parole guidelines and how they impact your loved one before the parole panel;
  • Know the severity of your loved one’s offense;
  • Get letters of support from family and friends;
  • Find employment opportunities and get written offer letters;
  • Show what life back in society looks like for your family member upon release and why they will succeed; and
  • Last and most important, hire an experienced parole lawyer at the Cox Law Firm. Our attorneys will educate and assist you. We take the steps necessary to give your loved one the best chance to earn parole.

The Cox Law Firm will guide you and your loved one through this hearing process. Our attorneys fight for your loved one’s freedom at the parole hearing.  We do this through a careful assessment and persuasive presentation. Specifically, we address the parole guidelines and your loved one’s support, opportunities, and adjustment. Please contact us immediately to hire us to fight for your loved one’s freedom.

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