2021 Update: COVID-19 in TDCJ

COVID-19 in 2021 It has been over a year since the COVID-19 virus began its spread around the globe. Many lives have been lost and nearly everyone’s lives have been altered in some way. Some Americans transitioned to work from home, and are just now returning to work. Masks are no longer mandated as vaccination … Read more

Repeat Offender Law Limited

Federal Repeat Offender Law Limited by Supreme Court One June 10th, the U.S. Supreme Court limited the federal repeat offender law. As a result, prior convictions for reckless violent crimes can no longer trigger a sentence enhancement. The Supreme Court distinguished between crimes involving reckless and intentional mental states. Now, the law only applies to … Read more

Amber Guyger’s Chances of Parole

In October 2019, USA TODAY asked Ed Cox of the Cox Law Firm about Amber Guyger’s chances of parole. Mr. Cox also addressed the potential impact of Botham Jean’s family’s support. The article quotes Mr. Cox on several factors that the Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles considers. Dallas Police Officer Amber Guyger mistakenly opened … Read more

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