Parole Eligibility in Texas

Many want to know when their loved one is eligible for parole. The answer depends on your loved one’s sentence and offense. Section 508.145 of the Texas Government Code specifies who is eligible for release on parole and when. This section starts with parole exclusions, continues with parole exceptions, and ends with the general rule for parole eligibility in subsection (f).

The General Rule

Parole Eligibility = 1/4 of Sentence

1/4 of Sentence = Calendar Time Served + Good Conduct Time (see our blog post on Good Conduct Time)

Parole-Ineligible Sentences and Offenses

The following sentences and offenses are NOT eligible for parole.

Delayed Parole Eligibility Without Good Conduct

The following offenses are NOT eligible for good conduct consideration and NOT eligible for parole UNTIL calendar time served equals:

Get Help

Unfortunately, we cannot help if your loved one is ineligible for parole. However, with delayed parole eligibility, your loved one still has the opportunity to gain an early release on parole, and we can help.

The experienced parole attorneys at the Cox Law Firm want to lead your loved one to a successful parole hearing. We will ensure the parole panel hears your loved one’s story. Please, contact us if you have any further questions about the parole process or want our support representing your loved one.

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