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We fight for our client’s freedom and early release from prison on parole so that they can be reunited with their loved ones and reintegrate into society at the earliest possible date.

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  1. The experts at Cox Law Firm will evaluate the case of your loved one and advise you if we believe we can help your loved one earn the privilege of parole. We accept cases that we believe our clients have a reasonable chance of an approval vote, or would otherwise benefit from our representation. We are committed to presenting the strongest and most compelling case for our client’s release on parole.
  2. The team at Cox Law Firm will help you to ascertain when your loved one is eligible for parole, where your loved one’s case is in the parole process, and whether your loved one is eligible for parole. If we determine eligibility, we work hand-in hand with our clients’ support to gather and organize information, documents and photographs that allow us to build a compelling and effective parole plan to present to the lead voter of the parole panel voting our clients’ case. We obtain and present information addressing and explaining your loved one’s criminal history and the offense for which they are incarcerated, their social and educational background, family history, employment record, occupational skills, mental and physical health history, institutional adjustment, the required static and dynamic factors and the nature and severity of your offense(s).
  3. In preparation for your Parole Board hearing, the staff at Cox Law Firm will compile comprehensive information regarding your prison record, including adjustment, in-prison employment, custody level, classification, disciplinary history and participation in work and educational opportunities. We will spend time talking with our client and their family to ensure we have a clear understanding of all possible mitigating circumstances surrounding the offense. We will advise our clients and their support of the steps to be taken to address problems that may have led to commission of a crime to show the minimal risk of recidivismand the safety of society if our clients are granted the privilege of parole. Rehabilitation programs, education, vocational training, social/emotional therapy and an inmate’s personal growth are all relevant in a parole hearing.
  4. The experts at Cox Law Firm will also work closely with an inmate’s family members and friends to develop a compelling re-entry/re-integration plan to present to the parole board. In our experience, the parole board takes into consideration relational and financial support, living accommodations, employment opportunities, and any maintenance therapy or substance abuse support groups that will assist our clients successfully reitegrate into society.
  5. As your parole attorney, we not only present the most compelling and positive parole plan for our clients to the parole panel, but also confront, address and explainspecific adverse information or issues that the parole panel may assess as part of their consideration and vote of our clients’ parole cases. For example, our clients may face protests from law enforcement or impassioned testimony from victims or their families. The experts at Cox Law Firm will work to minimize the concerns of the Board raised by such adverse information and testimony.

Areas Of Practice

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    We are committed to presenting the strongest and most compelling case for an inmate’s release on parole.
    Cox Law Firm is committed to aggressively defending our clients’ right to remain free.
    The Cox Law Firm is available to represent clients in cases involving prison time credit.
    We also represent clients in cases involving prison administrative issues.
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