Because the research I did showed me that y’all were one of the best ..

For about the last 3-4 years I’ve had to hire different lawyers for different situations and one thing I do before I hire is a big review of 3 different lawyers and the past work they have done and their success rate. When I started my research I choose three lawyers and Tate Roush was the only lawyer that talking to me about success rate, allowed an affordable payment option for my, and actually took the time out to talk to me for a consult. the other two firms did not even return my call back for an initial consult call! Tate has been understanding and helpful through our process of this case and I feel like he’s going to do his best for my family!

I was referred to you by my granddaughters mom , she said she used y’all to fight for her brother’s freedom. And she spoke highly of y’all.

Great reviews !

Felt that the Law Firm, Tate was very knowledgeable in these kinds of cases.

Because they are genuinely good people and they stick behind their word I fully trust them for my husband’s freedom

We had several reasons for choosing Cox Law firm to represent us. When we started considering a parole lawyer Megan really wanted to use your services. I wasn’t aware of her choice and when I looked around you were the first person that came up on my google search and I felt immediately convinced that your firm was the right choice. Coincidence? We didn’t want to go off of a good feeling or coincidence though so we called around to other firms asking a lot of questions and we all felt that you fit what we needed. Great communication, honesty , availability knowledge of how everything works and very patient. I feel confident that you will represent us as though you are part of our family.

You helped a friend of my son Michael to get out of prison.

Well Johnny asked us to look for an attorney that could help him get paroled and we called around to a few places and each one denied him for what ever reason and then I found your office and talked to Tate and he agreed to help us. BTW where did Middleton send him to because we haven’t gotten a call from his since last week.

After speaking with you guys on the matter, I was convinced you guys could help us out.. Great communication

Taylor McShan had a buddy in prison that utilized Cox Law firm and won his parole. We are appreciative of what Cox Law firm did for our boy!!

I chose your firm for a few reasons. I spent an entire day researching multiple firms and I could not find one bad thing about y’all on any website you were on. Y’all had amazing reviews. I also chose y’all because when I originally spoke to you the first time I did not feel rushed and you listened to what I had questions about and thoroughly answered them. You also did not make me feel pressured to choose your firm which was very nice considering how many firms tried to get a commitment from me that day. Discussing the process with you made me feel at ease when I was already very stressed about finding someone quickly to begin this process. You did a wonderful job of making sure we knew that you are here to help rather than just get a paycheck, so thank you!

We decided to stay with Cox Law Firm for not only being very helpful but for how everything is explain with detail. We also love how they say they are the voice of our family member. With God’s will this Law Firm was put in our path and we are glad to have them by our love one side.

My initial conversation was with Mr.Tate Roush. His excellent legal knowledge & skills convinced me to choose the Cox Law Firm. The Cox Law Firm is fortunate to have Mr. Roush in the firm.
I am forever grateful for Mr.Roush’s help & kindness!!
Sandra Palmer

Easy…Tate. When I called simply to set up a consultation he took the time to explain the entire process very thoroughly and understandably. But more impressively, he did all that without the ‘I’m a lawyer so I’m obviously better than you’ attitude that is so prevalent within the profession. He asks straight forward but non judgmental questions and explains why the information is needed & how it will used. Very sharp and respectful young man.

I chose the Cox Law Firm because of the time Tate spent on the phone explaining the way the process and the team as a whole works. I felt in my heart that this was a good fit. He’s the only attorney that I actually got to speak to. Not only did he call me back. He called me the same day (which was before the scheduled date).

I saw your ad on the internet. I researched the reviews. After my consult with Tate, we were impressed with his professional and personal demeanor. He was very forthcoming, respectful, and answered all of our questions and concerns thoroughly. We are looking forward to working with Tate and are hopeful for a great outcome for this case.

I believe he truly wanted to help the situation we were in and wanted us to have the best possible out come we can get

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