Interstate Compact Transfers

The short answer is— yes. Your loved one can apply to transfer states upon their release with a process called “Interstate Compact for Adult Offender Supervision.” The following blog describes the Interstate Compact policy and how to apply for an interstate transfer. Interstate Compact for Adult Offender Supervision (ICAOS) A General Overview Under the Interstate … Read more

Parole Eligibility in Texas

Many want to know when their loved one is eligible for parole. The answer depends on your loved one’s sentence and offense. Section 508.145 of the Texas Government Code specifies who is eligible for release on parole and when. This section starts with parole exclusions, continues with parole exceptions, and ends with the general rule … Read more

Victim Impact Statements in the Parole Process

Victims have the right to be notified of your loved one’s parole eligibility and submit victim impact statements. This post explains how notification occurs and how the victims can impact the parole process. Victim Impact Statements For the initial trial and subsequent parole reviews, victims can submit an impact statement. These statements express their thoughts … Read more

What is Discretionary Mandatory Supervision?

The Texas Legislature created Discretionary Mandatory Supervision (DMS) to solve a problem with our mandatory supervision laws. Mandatory Supervision In 1977, the 65th Texas Legislature enacted the system of mandatory supervision. However, this system automatically released many inmates. The mandatory supervision release calculation was simple: if calendar time plus good time credit equaled the sentence … Read more


COVID-19 adds another layer of stress to the already difficult situation of helping your loved one navigate the prison system. However, you should not feel in the dark about the impact of COVID-19, and our attorneys at The Cox Law Firm are here to support you. This post describes how COVID-19 has affected the Texas … Read more

Parole with Consecutive Felony Sentences

There is a unique parole review process for individuals with consecutive felony sentences. Understanding the distinctions will help you support your loved one on their journey towards freedom. At The Cox Law Firm, we have experience navigating the parole process and representing individuals with consecutive sentences. We will fight for your loved one regardless of … Read more

The Special Review Process in Texas

Was your loved one denied parole or mandatory supervision? Our attorneys at The Cox Law Firm can help. You can challenge the Parole Board’s decision through a Special Review Request. We have experience leading individuals through this process. Here is a breakdown of Special Review in Texas. Special Review Request To begin Special Review proceedings, … Read more

The Parole Voting Process in Texas

During a parole hearing, Parole Board members and commissioners vote on your loved one’s release. While every case is decided on its own merits, there is a standardized parole voting process across the state of Texas. At The Cox Law Firm, we study the ins and outs of the parole decision-making process. With our specialized … Read more

Amber Guyger’s Chances of Parole

In October 2019, USA TODAY asked Ed Cox of the Cox Law Firm about Amber Guyger’s chances of parole. Mr. Cox also addressed the potential impact of Botham Jean’s family’s support. The article quotes Mr. Cox on several factors that the Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles considers. Dallas Police Officer Amber Guyger mistakenly opened … Read more

Losing Good Conduct Time

Once an inmate has earned good conduct time, you do not want to lose it.  Encourage your loved one to avoid the following to keep their accrued good time: Ways to Lose Good Conduct Time 1. Committing an Offense or Violating a TDCJ Rule For offenses committed or violations of a TDCJ rule, TDCJ may … Read more