Parole with Consecutive Felony Sentences

There is a unique parole review process for individuals with consecutive felony sentences. Understanding the distinctions will help you support your loved one on their journey towards freedom. At The Cox Law Firm, we have experience navigating the parole process and representing individuals with consecutive sentences. We will fight for your loved one regardless of … Read more Parole with Consecutive Felony Sentences

The Special Review Process in Texas

Was your loved one denied parole or mandatory supervision? Our attorneys at The Cox Law Firm can help. You can challenge the Parole Board’s decision through a Special Review Request. We have experience leading individuals through this process. Here is a breakdown of Special Review in Texas. Special Review Request To begin Special Review proceedings, … Read more The Special Review Process in Texas

Amber Guyger’s Chances of Parole

In October 2019, USA TODAY asked Ed Cox of the Cox Law Firm about Amber Guyger’s chances of parole. Mr. Cox also addressed the potential impact of Botham Jean’s family’s support. The article quotes Mr. Cox on several factors that the Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles considers. Dallas Police Officer Amber Guyger mistakenly opened … Read more Amber Guyger’s Chances of Parole

Earning Good Conduct Time

Just like parole, good conduct time is a privilege in the Texas Department of Criminal Justice (TDJC) prison system. Only prison-sentenced inmates serving time for first, second, or third degree felonies receive good conduct time. Additionally, good conduct time applies only to parole eligibility or mandatory supervision and does not otherwise affect terms of confinement. … Read more Earning Good Conduct Time

Board Considerations During a Parole Hearing

What does the Parole Board look at during a parole hearing? The parole board vote can seem like a complicated code to crack. However, the first thing to understand is the complete discretion that parole panels have in making their decision during a parole hearing. Having an experienced parole lawyer from The Cox Law Firm … Read more Board Considerations During a Parole Hearing