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Answers to Common Parole Questions

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1. Am I required to retain a parole attorney for my loved one’s parole hearing?

No. Retaining a parole attorney is not a requirement, but many believe it’s a necessity.

Whether you choose to have your loved one represented by the Cox Law Firm or another practice, we recommend you hire an experienced parole attorney.
Parole is a privilege in Texas, therefore, your loved one does not have the right to be present during the parole hearing.
Retaining a parole attorney gives your loved one a fighting chance. Retaining the Cox Law Firm ensures your loved one also has a voice. Our clients all get a unique, tailored plan so we speak to the very things the Parole Board considers.

2. What are the chances my loved one is released on parole?

As you’d imagine, every parole case is decided on its own merits. Because we don’t yet know the particulars of your loved one’s case, it’s impossible to share an accurate percentage of success.

That said, the latest Parole Board overall approval rate stands at 35.55%.
The latest Cox Law Firm overall parole approval rate stands at 62.18%.

We are proud of our record, and proud to serve our clients and their loved ones.
Want to see what the Parole Board considers when evaluating your loved one’s case? Click here

3. How will the Parole Board know to contact you prior to my loved one’s parole vote?

As soon as you hire us, we notify the Parole Board of your loved one’s representation.

Once this happens, the Parole Board is required to contact us to schedule a parole hearing prior to your loved one’s parole vote.

4. Can my loved one come up for parole prior to the parole eligibility date?

Yes, but the Parole Board solely determines if/when your loved one is considered.

If this happens, the Parole Board contacts us to schedule a hearing.

We learn about all early parole considerations the moment we’re contacted by the Parole Board.

5. How will you communicate with my loved one in prison?

We communicate with your loved one in three different ways.

1) We have regular communication through the mail.
2) We send your loved one emails via JPay.
3) Our cell phone numbers are added to your loved one’s call list.

6. Will you help our family with the support documentation for our loved one?

Yes. After hundreds of clients, we know what makes for compelling support documentation…the things that can make a real difference.

To make it easier for you, the Cox Law Firm provides a support letter advice document, helping you know exactly how to draft support letters.

Our clients’ families continually share that our guidance relieves some anxiety during an already stressful time.

7. Is it too late to retain your firm when my loved one is already in parole review?

No, it is not too late.

However, once parole review has started, speed is important.

We’ll need your help to quickly gather support letters and other information for your loved one so they have the best chance for release.

8. Do you represent inmates all across Texas?

Yes. We fight for inmates’ freedom and work with their loved ones across the state of Texas to make it so.

In fact, we have experience and success appearing before all seven Texas Parole Board offices.

9. What if my loved one is denied parole? Would you continue to help us a second time?

Yes. If your loved one is denied parole, we’ll represent him/her a second time.

Of course, our goal is always to get parole awarded. That’s why if it doesn’t, we’ll represent your loved one a second time for a reduced fee.

10. I am not sure I can afford this. Are there payment plans to help?

Yes! At Cox Law Firm, we don’t take cases. We take clients. That means we are here to help.

We have payment plans to help make things smoother for you.

Please contact our office so we can discuss our parole representation methods, fees, and payment options.

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We’re here to help you and your loved one.

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