Edward S. Cox, Texas Parole Attorney

Ed Cox of The Cox law Firm, PLLC is qualified and registered with the Texas Department of Criminal Justice as a Texas Parole Attorney.

Our office asses each case and crafts a parole plan to maximize the chances of obtaining parole release through the Texas Board of Pardons and Parole. We evaluate each case by obtaining the records from TDCJ and conducting a very in depth report regarding the clients past conduct.

The Cox Law Firm will work closely with you and stay in contact at all times during the Parole Process. We answer our telephone on nights and weekends and make ourselves available to you and your support. Our client can request that our firm be added to their approved TDCJ calling list after we are retained.

We have a good understanding of TDCJ and what is required to better your chances for Parole. If you hire us, we counsel our client on activities that will reflect favorably on their ITP screen, including taking classes like Changes 1 or 2, Life Skills and Cognitive Intervention, participating in religious programs, and staying "case" free. We understand that "cases" are sometimes an unfortunate result of an action that may or may not be your loved ones fault. If our client gets a "case" while we are representing them, we will obtain the facts and circumstances and strive to present it to the Parole Board so that it has the least possible impact on their chances of being granted parole.

While the parole process is not an opportunity to retry the underlying criminal case/s/, we will look for compelling circumstances regarding the offense/s/ that placed our client in TDCJ. The Cox Law Firm will present that argument as part of an exceptional parole package. Our well planned and organized packages present our client in the best possible manner to the Parole Board members. Your package will include pictures and certificates that you provide. This allows the Parole Board members to get to know our client as person. We strive to obtain our client’s release on the first vote. In some circumstances, the Parole Board may not approve release on the first vote.

Experience & Knowledge

Tate Rush, Attorney

We have the experience and knowledge to work through the obstacles successful parole representation requires. Mr. Cox or Tate Roush can be reached by phone at (817) 510-2816. You may also send us a message through our contact form.